Changes and Cancellations

Full deposit of $500 will be charged to guests who cannot provide 48 hours notice to the reservation time.

Reservation(s) can be cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hour (2 day) notice. A processing fee of $25/person from our Third Party online payment terminal (STRIPE) cannot be refunded from the reservation deposit of $500/person upon cancellation. We highly encourage our guests to reschedule their booking rather than cancel to avoid this complication.

The host of the reservation may only reschedule once, with 48 hour notice prior to the original reservation time. Any other attempts to reschedule the reservation may result in the forfeit of the deposit of $500/person, unless under special circumstances (i.e. extreme weather conditions).

We reserve the right to charge a party in full if the reservation is amended, modified, or canceled within 24 hours. Please call the restaurant or whatsapp the restaurant line directly for further inquiries. Our cancellation policy will remain for cancellations based on suspected covid close contacts. If cancellation is needed due to a positive covid test, we must be notified by 12:00pm on the day of the reservation and be provided via Whatsapp with a photo of a positive RAT test marked with (reservation) name and date.

Dress Code

Flip flops, sandals, and slippers are not permitted.  Gentlemen are refrained from wearing any shoes that expose the feet, and sleeveless shirts.  

Private Dining and Special Events

For private dining events and customised event menus, please contact us at [email protected]

General Policy

  • Children over the age of 12 are welcome to dine with us at Cultivate.
  • Cultivate reserves the right to cancel or change reservations. 
  • All parties in a reservation must choose the same tasting menu (i.e. Full or 6-Course)
  • All dishes are unavailable for take-away due to food safety concerns.
  • No outside food or drink allowed. Outside desserts are not permitted, but please contact our team via email for special occasion requests.
  • No pets allowed.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or change your booking due to unforeseen circumstances, extreme weather conditions or accidents.
  • In order to maintain a good dining experience for all of our guests, we ask that all mobile phones be silenced and flash photography disabled.