kuhltuh-veyt ]   To foster the growth of;  to improve by labor and care…


The mission of our team at Cultivate is to deliver a refreshing new chapter of fine casual dining to Hong Kong.  We aim to cultivate a dining experience that is distinctive, unconventional, and intuitive. 

Situated in the heart of Hong Kong’s Soho district, Cultivate is an intimate 22-seat that redefines fine-casual and interactive dining.  Every night, Executive Chef and co-owner Leonard Cheung aims to provide diners with a highly seasonal set menu that sees humble, seasonally appropriate ingredients elevated to invigoratingly new heights. 

Chef Leonard

A dreamer who doesn’t sleep, Chef Leonard Cheung obsesses over details that remain hidden from even the most well-trained eyes. His quest for perfection, coupled with a restless and naturally curious mind, is the fuel for Cultivate’s culinary engine.


Whimsical   |   Spontaneous   |   Eloquent

These are the words akin to Cultivate’s style of gastronomy. 

Buttressing mundane ingredients with fresh perspectives and unconventional flavor combinations allows Cultivate to produce dishes that are whimsical and not constrained by convention or expectation. 

Cultivate pays homage to ‘time and place.’ An abiding respect for seasonality and location insists that dining experiences must be agile and spontaneous because no moment can ever be experienced twice.  

Reserve A Table

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday

Dinner Service: 6:15pm to 10pm (last seating at 7:45pm)

*Holiday or special events closures will be announced via Cultivate’s website, facebook, and instagram.


Tasting Menu HK$1,288 / per person

Wine Pairing HK$780 / per person

*Subject to service charge 10%

Guidelines & Policies

Reservations are only accepted 45-days in advance. To accommodate this, new bookings are released daily via our online booking platform. Bookings for total restaurant buy-outs can be confirmed more than 45-days in advance with a minimum spending requirement of HK$45,000.

Please read the following information before booking with us. This will help us provide you with the best experience. Your understanding is deeply appreciated.


  • Some dietary restrictions can be accommodated with 48-hour notice including: maternity diets, vegetarian and pescatarian. Please contact our team via email or whatsapp at the time of booking for severe dietary allergies.  
  • Specific dietary requests or allergies announced within 24 hours of the reservation will not be accommodated.  
  • Menus may change without notice due to seasonality and ingredient supply chain.

*Please click to see more on our reservation guidelines and restaurant policies.


Shop A, 27-29 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong

*Nearest MTR is Central Station (Exit D2), walk towards the Soho escalators from Queen’s Road, and go up until you reach Elgin Street.  Once on Elgin Street, make a right turn.